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Our vision
Become a respected, national pride business!
Corporate Mission
Chinese guard force, security, so that everyone has a safe and happy life!
Our core values
Business integrity, hard work, innovation and excellence, accurate service!
Our spirit
Respect, dignity, unity and progress, thanks!

Describe future prospects
Wei Lixin, your trusted partner!
Wei Lixin - like the rising sun sincere and lively, full of passion, hard work, and constantly self-transcendence, with excellent quality, accurate service to perfection. We will be tolerant, broad-minded to listen to different views, so that customer satisfaction as the criteria; and to have their own core technology and innovation to be pursued.
Our products are exported all over the world, for the world security. Leading Chinese products to world-class market, so that enterprises around the world are able to become Wei Lixin customers, partners, suppliers proud.
We will be many talents want to join the company, our company will provide talents for your space and development platform, so you can get a better display. We will be a most combat and cohesive team, with a strong sense of social responsibility and gratitude, to help vulnerable groups, a derivative security in harmony, so that everyone has a safe and happy life! .
Wei Lixin are welcome to join, and offers a variety of forms of cooperation, and jointly create a safe living, create brilliant!

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