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Talent Concept

Employing concept 

Everyone is a talent, not race horses,

In Wale, as long as you have the ability, expertise, the development of world you are!

People-oriented enterprises!

Talent is a valuable resource for enterprises,

Talent is the driving force for the development of enterprises,

We have been pursuing the common development of enterprises and talents.

We are eager to have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, has a good sense of innovation talent continue to join!

Personnel training

Wei Lixin training center was established in 2006. The first step from you into the Wei Lixin, Wei Lixin will give you all-round training.

New employees will be a week of pre service training, in this period of time, system of Wei Lixin of enterprise culture, post's basic operating specifications and career planning, learning, and through interview, test problems to assess the training effect. Wei Lixin training system, to help new employees into the wale of this family in the shortest time. Not only in the work to develop, life also carry out effective guidance and help.

Promotion and development of employees

Company provides a good learning environment for each employee. Including public courses, training opportunities. We will provide a broad space for the professional development of employees from the aspects of strategy, management, marketing, production, quality, and the field. Company with a number of well-known training institutions established long-term cooperation. Meanwhile, the company has a number of top-notch in technology, outstanding contributions in the management of internal personnel as lecturers company that provides a good platform for the growth of employees.

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